Tower of life

Shelter for Homeless and Destitute people

Krugersdorp CBD

Tower of Life offers a safe overnight facility for up to 80 Homeless and destitute people, including a warm shower and balanced meal.

Over and above our financial support of the facility, Krugersdorp-Oos Gemeente is also responsible for the spiritual ministry to these overnight residents, counselling services as well as certain of the skills-development initiatives.

On Wednesdays Ds. Anton Ferreira sees residents with a need for counselling, while Rudie van Heerden presents and leads the evening cell-group meetings. Yolandi Jurgens is responsible for the Arts and Crafts classes, as well as the handwork project. Creativity serves as a way to help and stimulate positive thinking, while building self-confidence and good relationships.  In order to help residents with these building blocks Cura Vitae invests time on Tuesdays and Fridays by means of “Arts & Crafts”- and Needlework workshops for willing residents.

Tower of Life is partially financed through celling “Overnight Vouchers”. A R20-00 voucher entitles a person to receive safe accommodation for 1 night, as well as a hot shower and meal. Vouchers (to sponsor or for handing out to homeless people on the West Rand) can be obtained from the church office at R100-00 for a booklet of 5 vouchers.


Children are the future 

Princess Pre-primary

This nursery school is situated in the Princess informal settlement. The care givers of most of the children who attend are either unemployed or dependant on old age or child grants as their only source of income. Therefore very little income is generated from school fees. Princess pre-primary school receives support from Cura Vitae in terms of: fresh produce where needed
Educational toys and equipment
A youth outreach programme where teenagers volunteer to spend time and play with the children
An annual christmas party for the children..

Beit-Lechm Pre-Primary

 This nursery school, in a disadvantaged community in Krugersdorp West, receives
      the following support:
      * Fresh produce and food
      * Clothing throughout the year
      * Toys and stationery
      * Annual Christmas parcels

Counselling & Support

Princess squatter camp:

This project focuses on debriefing ‘homebasecare caregivers’ and offering trauma counseling to children from the Princess squatter camp on a monthly basis as well as on demand.

The children visit a Homebased Care Centre in Princess or Tshepang clinic in Princess. Appointments will be made by the caregivers who are working with severely ill patients and their families in the community.

Pastoral Counselling Centre

Available counselling services include:
  • Family therapy
  • Marriage counselling en pre-marital counselling
  • Assessment of children
  • Trauma counselling
  • Debriefment
  • Child therapy
  • Life coaching and
  • Trades of temperament and personality analysis tests

This centre also hosts Divorce Care, Grief Care and Single Parenting support groups.

Care for the aged

Our old need our support.

Many residents of Moria old age home in Krugersdorp North have no family, or have been abandoned by their families. These people often experience feelings of loneliness and neglect and are in dire need of company and someone to assist them with personal errands such as driving them to the bank, library or shops. A team of Cura Vitae volunteers visit these people on a monthly basis to keep them company. Personal necessities and such as toiletries and small treats such as biscuits are also given out during these visits.

The King’s Daughters

Giving meaning to life.

Every Wednesday morning a group of ladies (no age restriction) come together to enjoy a morning of working (crochet,knitting,embroidery,etc.), reading,caring and sharing. Any person in the Krugersdorp/Randfontein community that has the need to make new friends and to create new things, is welcome to join this group.

Feeding Scheames

In the current economic climate, unemployment is rife. We find that often a great need exists, even in previously affluent areas, for meals at schools. For many children, these may be their only reliable source of food .

Ebenhaeser Primary school

We provide food for roughly 100 pupils at this school once a week. In addition we support these children with school clothes and stationery where needed throughout the year.

Kenmare Primary School

Food baskets are provided on a daily basis to approximately thirty children.

Community Feeding

Krugersdorp West comprises a mixed community of disadvantaged and mostly unemployed people. Poverty in this community is high. A weekly feeding scheme provides fresh food parcels to people in need.


Active for Jesus Media Mission / WoomaNet.

As media missionary Rudie van Heerden is responsible for the development, production and free distribution of Christian media content for broadcasters and the print media. He offers free support and training to developing and existing Christian media initiatives in Southern Africa and currently serves as vice-chairman of the Association of Christian Media in Southern Africa.

His radio programme, Voetstappe / Footsteps, is well received and very popular with a number of Christian community broadcasters and reach approximately 1,4 million radio listeners per week. The ministry’s media portal, WoomaNet (, is utilized monthly by more than 20 000 internet users in more than 72 countries.


Baasraak Bedieninge.

Missionary Evangelist Freek Vermaak is currently based in George, Western Cape, from where he actively minister in prisons, schools and communities throughout South Africa.
His TV programme, Baasraak, is broadcasted regularly on Kruiskyk TV.


Petra Institute for Children’s Ministry

Rev.Dr. Rudi Mans serves as Children’s Missionary with the world renown Petra Institute for Children’s Ministry in White River, South Africa. As Manager: Petra Strategies he facilitates various training interventions to churches and ministries for child evangelism and – ministry, locally in South Africa as well as throughout the Africa continent and Madagascar.
Rudi is a popular speaker at and valuable contributor to international conferences and –conventions on Children’s Ministry, worldwide.