Beyond charity: sustainability

We only have what we give.

Many organisations find that their budgets contain funds for corporate social responsibility initiatives, yet they lack either the human resources, expertise, skills or networks to use these funds responsibly. Cura Vitae administers and supports several projects such as feeding schemes at several primary schools, pre-primary schools in disadvantaged communities, projects with prisoners and ministries such as Petra College and

We work with a team of highly trained and experienced counsellers, social workers and volunteers who ensures that any funds raised is utilised responsibly and to its maximum effect. Our projects are entirely dependant on donations and sometimes projects have to be cancelled due to a lack of funds. Therefore, let us take hands with business!

Become involved

Help us helping the community.
  • Make a donation
  • Refer business associates to Cura Vitae
  • Participate in an outreach initiative or become involved as a volunteer

About Us

Caring for Life.

Cura Vitae (Caring for Life), a non-profit, section 18 company, was founded in 2012. Cura Vitae administers and/or supports a variety of community upliftment and development projects on the West Rand, and one of its responsibilities is to raise funds for these projects.


How do you benefit?

We need your partnership.
  • As a section 18 company, Cura Vitae can issue tax certificates for any donations made that can then be claimed from SARS
  • With our trained and expereinced team, Cura Vitae can assist your organisation with meeting its corporate social responsibility / involvement goals.
  • As a public benefit company, any donations to Cura Vitae counts towards your BEE score card.

Change starts with Us

You can make a difference.

A small difference goes a long way. With your help we can help people you never new of. Your partnership is important.